We mainly focus on startups, helping you with branding and marketing. From designing your company’s identity we help you to create the brand you wish to see. With our wide talents of working with three main sectors of branding - Print Design, Digital Design, and Visual Storytelling, you can have your complete branding right here!

Print Design


Marketing and communications via print are still strong and certainly never died. Objective and strategic print projects are still very important in the design agenda for many clients.

Our print design services are designed to complement our digital offering to give our clients a single creative supplier for their campaigns. With expertise in business stationery, corporate brochures, marketing literature, large format graphics, press advertising, etc. we provide a complete solution for your print design needs.

Digital Design


There is no need to stress the importance of digital design in this age. Most of the marketing happens through digital platforms like websites, social media, email campaigns, online advertising and so on.

We at Wishtree Designs understand this. We take values and message of your brand and present it to your clients and audience through digital design. With the right kind of design, proper marketing, and meticulous content analysis, we make your brand stand out with its uniqueness and the quality it deserves.

Visual Story Telling


The visual aspect of a brand is extremely necessary. It's important that your brand speaks a story that is both relevant and visually engaging. Video promotions and platforms have increased significantly in the recent year and will stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Our expertise lies both in Visual Story Telling & Photography. Whether you are a brand, an individual, a small startup, traveler, vlogger, or you have a product that needs a video, we are here to help you out! We want to tell your story in the most visually pleasing and relevant way possible. So let us know what you wish to see and we will create it.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something that we hear a lot these days. Some take it quite seriously while some don't give it a lot of importance. Here is why SEO is important. The very reason why you'd make a website is to have a strong online presence. But what good is it to have a web page if users can't find you?

That's where we come in. We analyze your content through tools like Google Analytics, Webmaster and so on. We then optimize your content in such a way that Google and other major search engines find your content and rank it up in the search result. This will result in your users finding your website for relevant information and increases engagement.

Book Cover Design and Layout


Cover Design

We’ll start the process of designing your book cover by asking relevant questions, reading your manuscript and taking into account your audience and competitive titles. We’ll provide you with several options for cover designs to choose from, and will work with you until we achieve the desired cover design that is right for your audience. After all, books are judged by their covers.

Layout Design

Whether you’re publishing a simple text-driven book or It is a visual treat containing images, charts, graphs, pull quotes and sidebars, we’ll make sure your book layout has a consistent and beautiful flow with great cover design and is typographically attractive, readable and engaging.

Our experience with interior book layout ranges from the simple to the most complicated formats featuring various specialty printing and binding techniques, paper types, glued-in pockets and much, much more. We love making unique book designs that inspire creativity and stand out among other designs.

Other Services

In addition to designing books, we also design magazines, booklets, travel books, photo albums, wedding albums, digital magazines, e-books, newsletters, and a lot more. Wishtree is truly your one shop stop for all your printing projects.

Production & Print

Throughout the process of designing and laying out your book, we’ll take proper measures to make sure we are preparing it for the inevitable—being printed and reproduced at the highest quality and standards.

Making sure your book is optimized properly for the printer of your choice is a major part of the job. We’ll make sure your files are well prepared and press-ready. In addition to following all the necessary guidelines, your printer may provide. We work with several printers and are well versed in print-on-demand (POD) technologies and printer options. We’ll help guide you through the detailed process.

E-book Conversions

It's a digital age we live in and inevitably most books are bound to be read on some digital device. We will take your beautifully designed book and convert it to the e-Book format of your choice so that your audience can connect with your work easily across various devices on various platforms.

Author Websites

An author website provides an essential platform to connect with your audience, a place where readers can know more about you as an author and interact with you. We can design and program a site for you that is clean, easy to navigate, informative and engaging.


Our branding service is focused on giving your company a professional appeal. That may include designing an elegant logo for your indie publishing venture or creating essential marketing necessities like business cards, brochures, displays, advertisements and more. We make sure that your brand is consistent across all of your marketing venues.